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"It's really rare to see such great photographic talent. I purchased two books for gifts and one for myself. Each image is a meditation. It is so inspiring to be encouraged to say "yes" to life, "yes" to adventure, "yes" to the unknown, "yes" to expressing ourselves creatively. The book is lovely and the presentation is equally as stellar. I enjoyed the rhythm of the slide show, from the beginning videos backed by incredible music, to an introduction to the body of work that was being presented, to each individual stunning slide, interspersed with interesting travel quotes read aloud by people with beautiful accents, followed by more fascinating slides from exotic locales - each face looking like John's best friend being photographed - and culminating with a fascinating story about miraculously locating a 93 year old woman who had been a nanny to a friend of John's 15 years earlier, and then ending on a jovial note with a series of humorous signage John's collected on his journeys. The thread that connected the images and quotes and videos was an intelligently selected musical score. It must have taken John over a hundred hours to put together this presentation of a thousand days of photography. Get inspired. Buy the book. See the presentation the next time John offers it. Say "yes" to the adventure of life."

"if you haven't gone to this (or even if you have!) it's absolutely WONDERFUL! it was beautiful and interesting and inspirational. and buy the book too. I did, and looking at the photos has been wonderful for re-inspiring myself. 

do it. go."


I have extensive experience to both large and small groups including:

Former newscaster at KWTX T.V., Waco, Texas

Spokesperson for Tamron lenses at Photo Expo East, Jacob Javits Center, New York

Regular presentations as Co-President of the Austin/San Antonio Chapter

Guest lecturer at The University of Texas Photo Journalism Department

Guest lecturer at Austin Community College Photo Department


























Review courtesy of Mike Connell

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