Whether it's travel photography or specific questions about equipment, lighting, starting a photography business in general or even photography lessons, I'm happy to help.  

Please read the list of frequently asked questions below, and if you need further information, let's schedule a private consultation via phone or Skype.  These sessions are US$60/hour.

1.  What kind of camera do you use?

While traveling I carry a small, professional grade “point-and-shoot” camera which fits in the pocket of my jeans. I’m pretty brand loyal to Canon, having used their cameras since the days of film. 

2.  What kind of camera should I buy?

I’m often asked this question, and it might surprise you to learn that unless I’m getting ready to purchase a camera myself, I really don’t follow what’s going on in the marketplace, because the advances in camera technology are happening so fast that what I learn today will be obsolete in a week or two…so here are some links to websites that offer current information, prices and reviews:

That’s a difficult question to answer, kind of like what car should I buy, and depends on several factors:

Your budget


Your level of experience or interest in photography  As someone who loves photography, I want everyone to love it too.  However, prior to taking a trip, many people purchase an expensive digital camera with interchangeable lenses.  But what they find when they’re actually traveling is that it’s too heavy and cumbersome to carry with them, that they end up leaving it on automatic mode because it’s too much trouble to learn and remember all the different settings, and that as a result they get frustrated and don’t take very many pictures.  Unless you already own a digital SLR and are familiar with using it, or have plenty of time to practice using a new one before you leave, I don’t recommend purchasing an expensive camera that you’re going to leave in your hotel room.

What you plan to do with the images.  For example, will you view them primarily on you computer monitor, tablet and phone and email them to friends and family, or do you plan to make big prints, put together a photo book or have an exhibition

Smart phone

Canon vs. Nikon




Get close, get closer, get closer still

If you take a picture, what’s the center of interest?

Are you simply trying to document your visit to the Grand Canyon, or do you want to try to do something creative…hearts

Approach people…actively engage them.

Don’t take photos without people’s permission unless they won’t be recognizable

If you tell someone you’re going to email me them a copy of the photo, do it.

If you sell an image for commercial or advertising purposes you must have a model release and/or property release.