I was born in New Orleans, grew up in southeast Asia, and attended university in Texas. I've worked as a fry cook, oilfield roustabout, radio disc jockey, waiter, television news reporter, E.S.L. teacher, car rental agent, marketing manager for an international publishing company, and funeral home attendant.

After more than 20 years as a commercial photographer for clients like Intel, Nike, 3M and Sony, I decided to step outside the world that was comfortable and familiar to me. So I sold everything I owned: my home, my possessions and my photo equipment, keeping only the belongings I could carry in a backpack. I traveled the world on my own for the next three years and visited 38 countries on six continents, capturing my experiences with a pocket-sized camera.

The magical moments of connection and the beauty I witnessed along the way have left me forever changed.

Now that I've returned to Austin, I have a greater appreciation for intuition, intention and imagination. I attempt to bring those qualities to every project I undertake.

I look forward to creatively collaborating with you.

John Langford